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You Am I

Around the corner every morning just to see you get across,
The civic fathers divide us up into cats and dogs,
The seargent major of the neighbourhood is weighing up thecost,

The senior transit lane,
While we're standing in the rain,
Worried if our heads will fall,
Alright, right,

We'll stay together 'til the kids die just to keep it clean,
Buy the weapons with the sales made from garden magazines,
Strike up the ladies to bake tea cakes for the council's warmachine,

And we're digging up the roads,
And widening it just so,
You can suffocate at home,
Alright, right,

The Prince of Wales tea,
To keep the garden green,
but they don't want to be there,
The shit can't be there,

You woke me up just to check that I'm alive,
We talk to each other as if we're five,
Raise open the flag just to see which of us cares,

And we're digging up the roads,
And widening it just so,
You can suffocate at home,
Alright, right,


Composición: Tim Rogers · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
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