"54 - 46" Was My Number

Toots And The Maytals

I said yeah, listen what I say
I said hear me now, listen what I say
They said stick it up mister
Hear what I say sir
Put your hands in the air sir
And you will get no hurt mister
You do what I say sir
Just what I mean sir
Get your hands in the air sir
Then you will get no hurt no
I said yeah, listen what I say
I said hear me now, listen what I say
Second thing they say I must join the officer
Third thing they say
"Son, give me your number now"
He said "what's your number?"
I don't answer
He said "what's your number man?"
I don't answer
He said "what's your number now?"
He said "what's your number now?"
I said "hey 54-46, that's my number"
"54-46, that's my number"
I said yeah, listen what I say
I said hear me now, listen what I say
"Stick it up mister, hear what I say sir"
"Get your hands in the air sir, and you will get no hurt sir"
He said "Turn out your left pocket"
"Give me a clean search sir"
"Take off your shirt sir"
"I ain't got no ratchet now"
"Stick it up mister, hear what I say sir"
"Get your hands in the air sir, and you will get no hurt now"

Composición: Fred "Toots" Hibbert · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Lucio
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