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Don't You Wanna Be High

T. I.

Hey don't ya wanna be high? Hey listen baby come fly wit me, take a ride, get high wit
me. I know you wanna be high. You never wanna say bye to me, if you ever come fly wit me. Hey
dont ya wanna be high? Hey, listen baby, come fly wit me, take ride, get high wit me. I know
you wanna be high. Promise you'll never say bye to me, if you ever get high wit me.

The bucket's on tilt, truck is on stilts i did another deal today, at least a couple
mil'. Naw i'm askin you to chill, wanna pat that down I'm tryin to pick you up and never put
your ass back down. get rid of all your worries, why you draggin that around? Here pop one of
these and now pass that around. Fire it up, take a shot, now your ass in the clouds. Can i bend
ya over, throw your ass back down? No need sayin no. we way pass that now. I aint them other
niggas, just control the flashback now. Make three wishes, you can have that now. Fuck the
finacin', payin cash right now. miracle man, make your dreams come true. Take a ride, get high,
bout time you come too.Bet ya life done changed, ya likin my last name Done had a couple
babies, wit a Bentley and a Range. Crib on the water, eatin meals on the plane And ya ilfe in
the sky like you lived on a plane. So much good shit to fill ya brain, If the band seem
strange, i'm jus sayin'


You see me chillin' out, kickin back in the ride, Wit fly broad on the passenger
side. Got a nice smile and immaculate eyes. fore' she get inside, she dont have to decide.
Cause she can have it like she want it, we can do it like that. And i went and threw it to her
and she threw it right back. She say nobody gave it to her like that, Hit it from the back, I
figure you would like that. Her head and tight pussy good like that And damn she aint even from
the hood like that So she probably never kicked it wit a cool nigga Other niggas had her, didnt
know what to do wit her. Intimidated by her face and her cute figure. Cause her waist real
small and her ass way bigger Don't she know that if i want her, I aint finna play wit her. All
i gotta do is spend a A wit her


Hey what it is, pretty girl, would you like to come and kick it wit a nigga for a
night or two And you can take your clothes off if you like to. And it dont matter 'bout the
cost if i like you i just do it shawty, I aint gotta try t. Bust a move, bet ya I can set a
fire in you. me chase round behind you? Why boo? i'm like you, you know you fly, but i'm fly
too. you know how to do it, alwayz ride good. Match the paint wit the wheels, the trunk and the
hood. You dealin' wit a real nigga, get it understood. I'm still in the hood, even when in
Hollywoof. Wit my beat down low and my top let back You lookin' for a G. well you got just that
Well i can be a King and you can be my princess Baby all you gotta do is say yes.

Composición: Clifford Harris , DJ Toomp · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Arthur
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