Her name is amber she has eyes like her mother
Shes beautiful and bright the whole worlds in front of her
She has a smile that could end a war
Yet no one wants her and she has nothing to care for
Shes only 14 and she thinks why is the weight of the world crashing down on me
Because as of late the sun doesnt seem to shine so bright
And the place where my heart once was has lost its fight

She's on her own and as shes braves her storm all alone

She screams oh I've has enough please make this go
This sea is rough and im drowning slow
Her mind numbing pain has her lost in the undertow
I just wish she knew she didnt have to be alone

You dont have to be alone
You're not alone
Her arms are locked in the devils chains
And her heart, broken and trapped in a steel cage.
She cant catch her breath as she chokes on the pain
So she brings her pain to the surface of her skin.
Your frozen agony burns you.
Can't even begin to know the nightmare that you've been through.
Only you can break the cycle that plagues you
There is a light you just have to see it through

Composición: Jesse Barnett / Stick to Your Guns · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Raphael
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