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Nameless Memory (YoungSaeng Solo)


Nan hamkkehan sigan soge
neoreul kkeonae-eoponda
oraedoen sigan sok
neowaui kieok
chinaon ireum eoptneun kieok

neowa hamkkehan sigansogeneun
hangsang honjayeottdago
uri ch'u-eogeun sojunghaettjiman
na-egen ireum eoptneun kieok

sarang neoreul kieokhae
ch'ueok nareul kieokhae
keu kose modeun naldeuri ijen
haneuldo kieokhae uri

nan neowaui sigandeureul
modu kanjikhagireul
tagaon ireum eoptneun kieok

pingonggan soge neoui keurium
hangsang kidaryeottdago
chinan ch'ueogeul sojunghaettjiman
nameun geon ireum eoptneun kieok

sarang neoreul kieokhae
ch'ueok nareul kieokhae
keu kose modeun naldeuri ijen
haneuldo kieokhae uri

nae modeun sarangeul chueottgo
kieok soge neowa hamkke haettdeon sigan
roman ization by genesis at soompi nbwwtwo
nae sarang keu oraedoen chinan naldeuri
kieok doel keoya

neol saranghaesseottda

sarang neoreul kieokhae
ch'ueok nareul kieokhae
neol saranghanikka
hangsang kieokhae uri

sarang keurigo ch'ueok
ijen uri yaegineun eoptneun…

Composición: Heo Young Saeng · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Bruna
796 reproducciones
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