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Demon Lover

Shocking Blue

It hurts me so to be
Under your spell
Ain't no heaven for me, but a hell
But after all, I can't let you go
'Cos I love you so, Demon Lover
Demon Lover, Demon Lover
I love you

I'm bewitched and I know it so well
What the reason is baby I can't tell
It's that animal good looks you've got
You show more than a lot
Demon Lover, Demon Lover, Demon Lover
I love you

You took me for lovin' kindness sake
You don't give love, you only take
But after all I can't let you go
'Cos I love you so Deamon Lover

Composición: Robbie Van Leeuwen · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Hellon
608 reproducciones
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