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What Do You Do

Rollins Band

When no one will listen and time won´t wait
When you see yourself and see the one that you hate
When the night lasts forever and times stands still
When you see yourself and want to kill
When the world doesn´t fit the head on your shoulders
When you punch the walls and feel the world´s fist
The big ideas you have leave you feeling so small
I can see it in your eyes you can´t deal with it all

What do you do when you want to get over
What do you do when you want to get thru
What do you do when you just can´t take it
What do you do when you just can´t fake it anymore

Feel the pressure
Feel it squeeze
The eyes in your head
The heart in your chest
Where´s the answer
Where´s the release
What do you do

When the lies that they told and the price that you paid
Force you to see the mistake that you made
When they shake your hand and stab your back
When frustration paints your four walls black
When they pick you up and let you fall
When you find their something is nothing at all
When ends miss ends and the endlessness sends you
Down to the bottome of the drain in pain
When you´re pushed to the edge and can´t maintain

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