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Melanie C

I had this perfect dream
This dream was me and you
I want all the world to see
A miracle sensation
My guide and inspiration
Now my dream is slowly coming true

The wind is a gentle breeze
She blows for me so true
The bells are ringing out
They are calling us together
Guiding us forever
Wish this dream would never go away

Barcelona - (Barcelona) It was the first time that we met
Barcelona - (Barcelona) I can not forget
The moment that she walked into the room she took my breathaway
(Barcelona - The music vibrates me)
Barcelona - (Barcelona) La musica vibros
Barcelona - (Barcelona) Y ella nos unio
If God is willing we will meet again someday

Let the songs begin (songs begin, songs begin)
Let the music play (music play, music play)
Make the voices sing (the voices sing)
Start the celebration (start the celebration)
Without a hesitation
And cry (and cry)
Come alive (and cry, and cry)
And shake the foundations from the skies
(Ah-ah, ah-ah, shaking all our lives)
(The music vibrate me, Barcelona)

Barcelona - It's such a beautiful horizon
Barcelona - (Barcelona) Like a jewel in the sun
Por ti sere gaviota de tu bella mar
(Let the music vibrate me, Barcelona)
Barcelona - Suenan las campamas
Barcelona - (Barcelona) Abre tus puertas al mundo
If God is willing
If God is willing
Friends until the end
(Friends until the end)
(Friends until the end, friends until the end)
(Friends until the end, friends until the end)


Composición: Freddy Mercury · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
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