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No Way No How

Kelly Clarkson

1- use to think that true happiness had passed me by
Tried to ignore the loneliness...kept me up thru the night
Until the day i saw your face, what a site to see
That heaven saved the best for last...and sent you to me
I thank the stars above for guiding you home
Now i'm never letting you go

No way no how will i ever change my mind and say good-bye
I know i finally found what i've been waiting for
Right here right now beyond the shadows of dark
I know that your the one and ill never leave your side
No way no how

2- i made mistakes in love before and i've paid with my tears
Tossed in the sea of emptiness...seems the storm would not clear
And then you came and rescued me and you jumped right in
You made me safe with your tenderness and warm with your kiss
So glad you grabbed my hand and pulled me to shore
I can never ask you for more

No way no how will i ever change my mind and say good-bye
I know i finally found what i've been waiting for
Right here right now beyond the shadows of the dark
I know that your the one and ill never leave your side
No way no how

You brought back the meaning to my life
Turned darkness into light...
My soul was feeling lost but now i'm found
I believe in miracles again...that true love wont end
So listen to the words that i vow.......

No way no how will i ever change my mind and say good-bye
I know i finally found what i've been waiting for
Right here right now beyond the shadows of (the down)?
I know that your the one and ill never leave your side
No way no how

And ill never leave your side no way no how

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