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Jackson 5

2,4,6,8,who do you appriciate please say that boy is me
2,4,6,8,who do you appriciate i'm the one who wants to be your baby
get up early to see you in the morning but you just past me by havin a quarter
sitting in the corner
with you i share my time i past your homeroom wishing you were my own girl
every time i look to see you sit at home but someday you'll notice if you look
into my eyes ohhh
2,4,6,8,who do you appriciate please be my pride and joy
2,4,6,8,who do you appriciate i wanna be your lover boy
"I maybe a little fela but my hearts as big as texas,i have all the love a man
can give
and maybe a little bit extra
ooooooooooo be my girl(be my girl)
the first time i wonder why you were in but you said that you talked to me
i stick up for your mess you mean more than a friend to me
he's tryin to be a fela just tryin to tell ya but your changin your mind
he's no price charma still he keeps tryin ya
girl your so unkind
i can love you really really love you i can tell he's just a friend
i can please you really really please you girl give me just a chance
2,4,6,8,who do you appriciate whatever saves me
2,4,6,8,who do you appriciate don't you no i wanna be your baby yeh baby your
babe babe babe
he's tryin to be a fela just tryin to tell ya but your changin your mind
he's no price charma still he keeps tryin ya
girl your so unkind

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  52. Nothin' (That Compares 2 U)
  53. One Day In Your Life
  54. 2,4,6,8
  55. It's Great To Be Here
  56. Wathever you got, i want
  57. Happy
  58. Cinderella Stay Awhile
  59. That's How Love Is
  60. Hum Along And Dance
  61. She's Good
  62. Petals
  63. (We've Got) Blue Skies
  64. My Little Baby
  65. Pride and Joy
  66. Honey Chile
  67. I Will Find A Way
  68. Call Of The Wild
  69. Time Explosion
  70. Farewell My Summer Love
  71. Girl You're So Together
  72. We're Almost There
  73. Buttercup
  74. Oh, I’ve Been Bless’d
  75. Feeling Alright
  76. I Want To Take You Higher
  77. The Day Basketball Was Saved
  78. E-Ne-Me-Ne-Mi-Ni-Moe (The Choice is Yours to Pull)
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