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In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction


In Remote Part)
In the beginning, there were answers
Then they came along and changed
All these questions and their answers seem to change

So I'll wait 'til I find the remote part of your heart
When nowhere else will let us choose a comfortable start

We stop in every passing place
To watch the world move faster than we do
Watch it pass with our eyes closed
The way we usually choose to

So I'll wait 'till I find the remote part of your heart
When nowhere else will let us choose a comfortable start
And even if the breath between us smells of alcohol
We call it confusion in the best way possible

Scottish Fiction)
It isn't in the mirror, it isn't on the page
It's a red hearted vibration
Pushing through the walls of dark imagination
Finding no equation
There's a red road rage,
But it's not road rage
It's asylum seekers engulfed by a grudge

Scottish friction, Scottish fiction

It isn't in the castle, it isn't in the mist
It's a calling of the waters as they break to show
The new black death with reactors aglow
Do you think your security can keep you in purity?
You will not shake us off
Above or below

Scottish friction, Scottish fiction

Composición: Idlewild · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Mariana
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