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Another Year Is Dawning


Another year is dawning, dear Father, let it be
In working or in waiting, another year with Thee.
Another year of progress, another year of praise,
Another year of proving Thy presence all the days.

Another year of mercies, of faithfulness and grace,
Another year of gladness in the shining of Thy face;
Another year of leaning upon Thy loving breast;
Another year of trusting, of quiet, happy rest.

Another year of service, of witness for Thy love,
Another year of training for holier work above.
Another year is dawning, dear Father, let it be
On earth, or else in Heaven, another year for Thee.

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  1. Angry Words
  2. Be Thou My Guardian And My Guide
  3. Almighty Father, Lord Most High
  4. Angel Voices, Ever Singing
  5. Are You Sowing The Seed?
  6. Tell It To Jesus
  7. Again The Morn Of Gladness
  8. All Hail To Thee, Immanuel
  9. All Things Praise Thee
  10. Alleluia! Sing To Jesus!
  11. Am I a Soldier Of The Cross?
  12. As a Volunteer
  13. As Pants The Hart For Cooling Streams
  14. Ascribe To The Lord Our God
  15. The Handwriting On The Wall
  16. Awake, Awake To Love And Work
  17. Be Ready To Go
  18. Be Thou My Vision
  19. The Beautiful Garden Of Prayer
  20. Beautiful Morning
  21. Abba, Father! We Approach Thee
  22. Abide In Me, o Lord
  23. Abide In Thee
  24. Awhile In Spirit, Lord, To Thee
  25. Keep In The Line
  26. Vain are all terrestrial pleasures
  27. Watchman, tell me, does the morning
  28. Pentecost In My Soul
  29. Praise The Lord Who Reigns Above
  30. And Is It So?
  31. Battle Hymn Of The Republic
  32. Beautiful Bethlehem Bells
  33. Saved From The Wreck
  34. The Advent Of Our God
  35. Afflictions do Not Come Alone
  36. Afflictions, Though They Seem Severe
  37. After The Life-paths
  38. After The Midnight
  39. Again, As Evening's Shadow Falls
  40. Again He'll Come
  41. Again Returns The Day Of Holy Rest
  42. Again The Lord Of Light And Life
  43. Again Thy Glorious Sun Doth Rise
  44. Ah, Dearest Jesus
  45. Ah, Holy Jesus
  46. Ah! Lord God, The World's Creator
  47. Ah, What Can I Do?
  48. Ah! Whither Should I Go?
  49. Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed?
  50. The Hour-glass
  51. Alas, My God, My Sins Are Great
  52. Alive Again
  53. All Alone
  54. All As God Wills
  55. All Beautiful The March Of Days
  56. All Because Of Calvary
  57. All Creatures Of Our God And King
  58. He's My King
  59. All Faded Is The Glowing Light
  60. All For Jesus
  61. All Glory Be Thine
  62. All Glory Be To God On High
  63. All Glory Be To Thee, Most High
  64. All Glory, Laud And Honor
  65. All Glory To God
  66. All Glory To God To God In The Sky
  67. All Glory To Jesus
  69. All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name
  70. All Hail To The Prince Of Life
  72. All Hail, Ye Little Martyr Flowers
  73. All I Need
  74. All In The Silent Night
  75. All Is O'er, The Pain, The Sorrow
  76. All Lands, To God In Joyful Sounds
  77. All Mankind Fell In Adam's Fall
  78. All Men Living Are But Mortal
  79. All Mortal Vanities, Begone
  80. Fully Trusting
  81. All My Heart This Night Rejoices
  82. All My Heart With Joy Is Springing
  83. All My Hope On God Is Founded
  85. All Nations, Clap Your Hands
  86. All Nature's Works His Praise Declare
  87. He Supplieth All Of My Need
  88. All Over The World
  89. All People That On Earth do Dwell
  90. All Praise Be To God
  91. All Praise To Him Who Dwells In Bliss
  93. All Praise To Our Redeeming Lord
  94. All Praise To Thee, My God, This Night
  95. All That I Am I Owe To Thee
  96. All That I Was
  97. TRUST
  98. All That's Good, And Great, And True
  99. All The Day
  100. All The Happy Children
  101. All The Sacrifice Is Ended
  102. All The Way Along
  103. All The Way My Savior Leads Me
  106. Like Zion's Holy Mount
  107. All Things Are Ready
  108. All Things Are Thine
  109. All Things Bright And Beautiful
  111. All This Night Bright Angels Sing
  112. All Those That Pass By
  113. I Surrender All
  114. All Who, With Heart Confiding
  115. All Will Be Well
  116. All Wise, All Good, Almighty Lord
  117. All Ye That Fear God's Holy Name
  118. All Ye That Love The Lord, Rejoice
  119. All Ye That Pass By
  120. All Ye That Seek The Lord Who Died
  121. All Ye Who Seek For Sure Relief
  1. Hearts To Heaven And Voices Raise
  2. Alleluia, Fairest Morning
  3. Alleluia, Song Of Gladness
  4. Almighty Father, Bless The Word
  5. Almighty Father, Hear Our Cry
  6. Almighty Father Of Mankind
  7. Almighty Father, Unoriginate
  8. Almighty Father, Who Dost Give
  9. Almighty God, Thy Lofty Throne
  10. Almighty God, Who From The Flood
  11. Almighty God, Whose Only Son
  12. Almighty God, Your Word Is Cast
  13. Almighty Lord, With One Accord
  14. Almighty Maker Of My Frame
  15. Almighty Ruler Of The Skies
  16. Almighty Spirit, Now Behold
  17. ALMOST
  18. Almost Persuaded
  19. ALONE
  20. Alone With God
  21. Along The Path Of Life
  22. Alpha, Omega
  23. Always And Ever
  24. Always Enough
  25. Always With Us
  26. Amazing Grace
  27. Ambassadors Of God
  28. Amid The Thronging Worshippers
  29. Amidst Thy Wrath Remember Love
  30. Amidst Us Our Beloved Stands
  31. Among Th'assemblies Of The Great
  32. Among The Princes, Earthly Gods
  33. The Ancient Law Departs
  34. Ancient Of Days
  35. And Am I Only Born To Die?
  36. And Are We Yet Alive?
  37. And Art Thou Come With Us To Dwell?
  38. And Can It Be That I Should Gain?
  40. And Didst Thou Love The Race
  41. And Dost Thou Say
  42. And Is It So? a Little While
  43. And Is The Time Approaching?
  44. And Is This Life Prolonged To Me?
  45. And Let Our Bodies Part
  46. And Let This Feeble Body Fail
  47. And Must I Be To Judgment Brought
  48. And Now, Beloved Lord, Thy Soul Resigning
  49. And Now, o Father, Mindful Of The Love
  50. And Now The Wants Are Told
  51. And Truly It Is a Most Glorious Thing
  52. And Will The God Of Grace
  53. And Will The Great Eternal God
  54. And Will The Judge Descend?
  55. And Wilt Thou Pardon, Lord?
  56. The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came
  57. Angels Adore Him
  58. The Angels' Chorus
  59. Angels From The Realms Of Glory
  60. Angels Holy, High And Lowly
  61. The Angel's Proclamation
  62. Angels, Roll The Rock Away
  63. The Angel's Song
  64. The Angels' Sweet Refrain
  65. Angels We Have Heard On High
  66. Angels Your March Oppose
  67. Anniversary Hymn
  68. The Baby Of Bethlehem
  69. Another Day Begun!
  70. Opening Hymn
  71. Another Six Days' Work Is Done
  72. Another Year Completed
  73. Another Year Is Dawning
  74. The Answering Time Will Come
  75. Anthems To God Above
  76. Anywhere With Jesus
  77. Approach, My Soul, The Mercy Seat
  78. Are Sinners Now So Senseless Grown
  79. No One Loves You So
  80. Are Ye Able?
  81. Are You Coming Home Tonight?
  82. Are You Coming To Jesus Tonight?
  83. Are You Ready For The Coming?
  84. MORE ABUNDANTLY (Harris)
  85. Are You Washed In The Blood?
  86. Are You Working?
  87. Arise! Arise, With Joy Survey
  88. Out Of Bondage
  89. Arise, My Gracious God
  90. Arise, My Soul! My Joyful Powers
  91. Arise, My Ten'drest Thoughts, Arise
  92. Arise, o God, And Shine
  93. Arise, o Lord, Our God, Arise
  94. Arise, Sons Of The Kingdom
  95. Arise, My Soul, Arise
  96. Arm Of The Lord, Awake, Awake!
  97. Arm These Thy Soldiers, Mighty Lord
  98. Army Of Endeavor
  99. Around The Savior's Lofty Throne
  100. Around The Throne Of God
  101. Around The Throne Of God a Band
  102. Around The Throne Of God In Heaven
  103. Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid?
  104. As a Tree Beside The Water
  105. As Above The Darkest Storm Cloud
  106. As Birds Their Infant Brood Protect
  107. As Each Happy Christmas
  108. O I Want To See Him
  109. As In The Days Of Haggai When
  110. Dives And Lazarus
  111. As Jonah, Issuing From His Three Days' Tomb
  112. As Light, o Christ
  113. As Man And Woman We Were Made
  114. As Near The Wished For Port We Draw
  115. As Now The Sun's Declining Rays
  116. As Now Thy Children Lowly Kneel
  117. As Oft, With Worn And Weary Feet
  118. As Pants The Hart For Streams
  119. As Shadows Cast By Cloud And Sun
  120. As The Bird Flies Home
  121. As The Bridegroom To His Chosen
  1. As The Sun Doth Daily Rise
  2. As Thirsts The Hart For Water Brooks
  3. As Thou, o Lord, Hast Made Me Strong
  4. As When The Hebrew Prophet Raised
  5. As With Gladness, Men Of Old
  6. Ascend Thy Throne, Almighty King
  7. Ask Ye What Great Thing I Know
  8. Asleep In Jesus
  9. Assembled At Thy Great Command
  10. At All Times Praise The Lord
  11. At Calvary
  12. At Even, Ere The Sun Was Set
  13. Away In a Manger
  14. Awake, My Soul, Awake, My Tongue
  15. At First I Prayed For Light
  16. At Length There Dawns The Glorious Day
  17. At The Breaking Of The Day
  18. At The Cross, Her Station Keeping
  19. At The Cross There's Room
  20. At The Feet Of Jesus
  21. Garnered Sheaves
  22. At The Foot Of The Cross
  23. At The Lamb's High Feast We Sing
  24. At The Name Of Jesus
  25. At Thy Feet, o Christ
  26. At Thy Feet, Our God And Father
  27. The Atoning Work Is Done
  28. Author Of Faith, Eternal Word
  29. Author Of Life Divine
  30. Awake, And Sing The Song
  31. Awake! Awake!
  32. Awake, Awake! o Heart Of Mine!!
  33. Awake! For The Trumpet Is Sounding!
  34. Awake, Glad Soul
  35. Awake, Jerusalem, Awake!
  36. Awake, My Heart; Arise, My Tongue
  37. Awake, My Heart, With Gladness
  38. Awake, My Soul, And With The Sun
  39. Awake, My Soul, Stretch Every Nerve
  40. Awake, My Soul, To Joyful Lays
  41. Awake, My Soul! To Sound His Praise
  42. Awake, My Tongue, Thy Tribute Bring
  43. Awake, My Zeal; Awake, My Love
  44. Thy Brother Calls To Thee
  45. Awake, o Lord, As In The Time Of Old!
  46. Awake, o Zion's Daughter
  47. Awake, Our Souls, Away, Our Fears
  48. Awake, Thou Careless World, Awake!
  49. Awake, Thou Spirit, Who Didst Fire
  50. Awaked By Sinai's Awful Sound
  51. The Awakening
  52. Away! Away!
  53. Away With Our Fears!
  54. Away With Our Sorrow And Fear
  55. An Awe-full Mystery Is Here
  56. Balm In Secret Prayer
  57. Baptize Us Anew
  58. Baptized Into Thy Name Most Holy
  59. The Battle Of Calvary
  60. Shine For Jesus Where You Are
  61. Be a Ray Of Sunshine
  62. Be Firm And Be Faithful
  64. Be Joyful In God
  65. Be Near Us, Holy Trinity
  66. Be Not Afraid
  68. Be Now Imitators Of Your Lord
  69. Be Present At Our Table, Lord
  70. Be Present, Holy Trinity
  71. Be Ready When The Bridegroom Comes
  72. Tread Softly
  73. Be Still, My Soul
  74. Be Still, My Soul! For God Is Near!
  75. Be Strong!
  76. Be Strong In God
  77. Be Thou Exalted
  78. Be Thou My Helper In The Strife
  79. Be Thou My Judge, o Righteous Lord
  80. Be Thou, o God, Exalted High
  81. Be Thou Supreme
  82. Be True And List
  83. Be true and list the voice within,
  84. Be Ye Joyful, Earth And Sky
  85. Be ye joyful, earth and sky,
  87. Beautiful Beckoning Hands
  88. The Beautiful Bright Sunshine
  89. Beautiful Christmas
  90. Beautiful Eden Bells
  91. Beautiful Homeland
  92. Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere
  93. The Beautiful Land
  94. Beautiful Robes
  95. Fairest Lord Jesus
  96. O Beautiful Sea
  98. Beautiful Star
  99. Beautiful Sunshine
  100. Beautiful Vale Of Rest
  101. Beautiful Valley Of Eden
  102. Beautiful Waters Of Eden
  103. The Beautiful Way
  104. Beautiful Witness
  105. Baad Girls
  106. Last Christmas
  107. Joing
  108. Don't Cry
  109. Try Baby,Try
  110. Shine
  111. I Only Can Love You
  112. 22 Times
  113. All My Love It's In My Heart
  114. My Life
  115. Full Of
  116. Don't Be Scared
  117. Angel
  118. Clear
  119. Nobody Can Change This
  120. Somobody
  121. My Way
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