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Couldn't Have Said It Better


And you say nothing at all
Well I couldn't have said it better myself
Tonight the conversation takes the fall
Just love me like you love nobody else

I see the angels, they're standing right outside your door
Girl: They're watching over me, they're watching over us all
You can send them home tonight, because you won't need them anymore
Girl: In your arms I think I've found the safest place to fall
When I step in the door and I stare at your face
There are so many things that I wish I could say
Well I struggle with words but they put up a fight
You can keep your mouth shut, because it doesn't really matter tonight

I will guide you all the way
Because I know exactly what you're trying to say

Girl: You have the right to remain silent
I'll get the light ...
You get that smile

And you say nothing at all
Well I couldn't have said it better myself
Tonight the conversation takes the fall
Just love me like you love nobody else

And I know you feel the same
You've been searching for the words,
Now you know what to say

Just say nothing
Don't say a word
Silence is gold
Don't say a word

This is the moment we've been waiting for
Girl: If I exercise my right
I will take your body language and hold it against you tonight

And I know you feel the same
I've wondered all my life, if this moment comes would I know what to say
Then you say nothing at all
Girl: So many times I stumbled on the words that I wanted to say
You say nothing at all
Girl: So many thoughts, that I should have just let my heart explain
You say nothing at all
Girl: So many ways we could turn the words around
You said nothing at all
Girl: So many nights our hearts came crashing to the ground
You say nothing at all
Girl: So many dreams that are finally coming true
Well, I couldn't have said it better myself
Girl: Now you finish me off when you finish my thoughts the way you do

You say nothing at all
Well I couldn't have said it better myself
Tonight the conversation takes the fall
Just love me like you love nobody else

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