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Picture Me Rollin'


(Picture me rollin)
Yeah, picture me rollin
Take a picture of it, picture me rollin
Yeah you should, (picture me rollin)
Yeah, picture me rollin
Take a picture of it, picture me rollin
Yeah you should, (picture me rollin)
Chamillitary countin cash
"Picture Perfect" homie, you should take a photograph
(Picture me rollin), picture me rollin
(Take a picture of it, picture me rollin)
Haha, Chamillitary mayne
(Picture me rollin)
You should picture me rollin, take a picture of me
Picture me rollin
Yeah you should, (picture me rollin)
Picture me rollin, take a picture of it, picture me rollin
Yeah, you should (picture me rollin)
Take a pict of me rollin
I didn't fall off like these niggaz was hopin, so they should
(Picture me rollin)
You should picture me rollin
See me shinin, you should picture me rollin
because I'm doin good

Yeah, I was just walkin this (yes), while y'all was talkin this
Burnin up the bootleg market, like I'm an arsonist (yes)
Had to get smart with this (yes), studied and sharpened it
Plot gets darker than the thoughts in a coffin get
Remember I walked into L.A. Reid's offices (yes)
Had to walk outta there feelin like I was not the ish
But they didn't owe me nothin (yes), gave me no promises
But the industry still gonna see me, I promise this
Universal Records (yes), I'm wreckin all the lists (yes)
The crane can't even lift all my accomplishments
Even when I was indie, was bringin y'all the hits
Actin like I was crazy, I got a conscience kid
In a interview they would say you look kinda pissed
Up against the world, middle finger for all the continents (yes)
F. Koopa, what's the best of my compliments?
Indie label, the hell with slavery, I'm all for this (yes)
Like this the damn thanks I get
and thank you, I'ma just focus on the bank I get
Used to be with Paid and Swisha, but I made my "Click"
The game greazy, that's the reason why I think I'm slick (yes)
Lets take it back to the beginning, when I wasn't winnin
With women and gold grinnin, my pockets were so thin and
Chamillion, before the million, no candy and chrome spinnin
Amazing how things still go sour, with no lemon
I'm poor baby, of course little nigga tacky
My Jordans isn't matchin, of course my little hair was nappy
I remember how the rest of the boys was lookin at me
The day that I got cut from the core, like it made 'em happy
Cause your spot is yours (yours), now my locker gettin clean
Not good enough for my team, not good enough for my dream (what?)
Exactly what it is a dream, I acted like a triple beam
Was under the rap game and I turned it into a scheme (yes)
Now when they speak on me, they say it's about the
time that he's got his props, hate when these niggaz doubt me
Now your with your spouse, she used to diss me and now she
missin teeth, lookin like she been kissin on coffee (yes)
I should take your confidence, throw it up in the air and gun it down (down)
But I don't knowin that was goes around, always comes around
Now everybody wanna come around, givin a brother sound
Now you speak just cause you seein how Koopa run it now

(Picture me rollin)
Yeah, picture me rollin
Take a picture of it, picture me rollin
(Picture me rollin)
Yeah you should, picture me rollin
Take a picture of it, picture me rollin
(Picture me rollin)
Yeah, picture me rollin
Take a picture of it, picture me rollin
(Picture me rollin)
(Take a picture of it, picture me rollin)
(Picture me rollin)
You should picture me rollin
Take a picture of me, picture me rollin
Yeah you should, (picture me rollin)
Picture me rollin
Take a picture of it, picture me rollin
Yeah, you should, (picture me rollin)
Take a pict of me rollin
I didn't fall off like these niggaz was hopin, so they should
(Picture me rollin)
You should picture me rollin
See me shinin, you should picture me rollin
because I'm doin good (good)

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  63. Charlie Sheen
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  67. Fuckin With Cars
  68. Livin Better Now
  69. Me & My Brother
  70. Gotta Make It To Heaven
  71. Got Paper
  72. Nail In Ya Coffin
  73. Be Gone
  74. Lap Dance
  75. Think About It
  76. Stay Screwed N Chopped
  77. Erom Seximeerf
  78. Welcome To The Hood Freemix
  79. My Toy Soldier
  80. Gotta Be The Baddest
  81. Antifreeze (feat. Maino & Lloyd Banks)
  82. Furious Five (feat. Ludacris, Royce da 5'9)
  83. War At Your Door (feat. Yelawolf)
  84. Panamera Girl
  85. Outro
  86. Not A Criminal
  87. My Dream (feat. Akon)
  88. Morning News
  89. Hate In Ya Eyes
  90. Get Up (ft. Ciara)
  91. Get Dirty
  92. Can't Give U D World
  93. Bill Collecta
  94. Ballin' Is A Habit
  95. Patron
  96. Ridin' Dirty (radio Edit)
  97. Ridin' Overseas
  98. Won't Let You Down (texas Remix)
  99. Warn You
  100. This My World
  101. The Sound Of Revenge
  102. The Evaluation
  103. That Girl
  104. Stuck In The Ghetto
  105. Skit
  106. She Gangsta Rage
  107. Riding Dirty (remix)
  108. Stay Schemin (Freestyle)
  109. You Gon Learn (feat. Saigon)
  110. Don't Shoot
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