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No Religion


I'll see you in the castle,
Corner of Wigmore Street
We'll take a drink, and maybe think
Seek a sordid place where we can meet
More forgotten people, rain still teeming down
That's all there is to do,
In this desperate old town
But I still I keep on comin'
I daisy chain my life away
Gotta keep on doing nothing
Till the call on Judgement Day

Got no religion, just living hell
If I had money, I'd drop it all in a wishing well
Stand in the doorway, wait for the Man to come
Got no religion, and my life's just begun

Waiting for next Sarurday night,
When it all kicks off
Got a date with miss Ludo, Ludovica Nabokov
Nothing happened last weekend,
I guess it never will
It stays the same if I don't change,
There is no panacea pill
I try to change most everything,
I even change my name

I change my clothes, and I change my friends
But I end up still the same
"Change must come from within"
That's what the man said...
"Willingness is all you need,
Son - you're old, but you're not dead"

Got no religion, nowhere to run
Got nothing going, and I still can't feel the sun
Wait for a new day, a Messianic dawn
Same terraced houses
With their cold curtains drawn

Composición: Geoff Downes / John Wetton / Steve Howe · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Ruy
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