When My Eyes (Unreleased)

Amy Winehouse

Waitress on skates in trainin
Hard to call it dreaming
Images present themselves to me
Seeds are ripe for reapin'
I can tell you sleepin'
You're everything you ever wanted to be

And nothing here is changing
No messy rearranging
Cause every set of ficus stays the same
Sinatra's always singing

And you do all the clinging
And someone else accepts my blame
Whatever my imagination throws
So rugged, grow a rose
When my eyes do close
When my eyes do close
When they close

Turn and face my ceiling
Deep in all the feeling
Inhibitions turn to dust and fly away
Stop my eyelids flickering
With your petty bickering
But this I must say
What I got to say

I hear my girl Dinah's playin'
And tree branches start swayin'
Run over and sit right by the roof
And I see the leafs are growing
Little buds are showing
Reach out a hand
Invite them to the throne
Whatever my imagination throws
So rugged, growing rose
When my eyes do close
When my eyes do close
When they close

Nothin' such a scrutiny
Voiding purple mutual
You are loving beautifully
And it's fragrant beautifully
Colorful and monochrome
Amy Winehouse alone
Far away from ringing phone at home
I turn to stone, turn to stone

And all the thoughts are static
Yeah, my singing is automatic
And I wish that I could sell it in my every urge you tell her
Cause I can sense no danger
I am the lone ranger
Through the desert in a yellow caddy
With a black haired blue eyed stranger
White dress outside drying

I've been fear for flying
I overtake Montgomery in skills, yeah
Never been more daring
Kitten heels I'm wearing
Reality a blow that sometimes cares

When I drop it lyrically
Words evolve generically
And I don't ever need to collapse in tears
And I could curse your timing
Thunderously miming
And I feel young beyond my years

Whatever my imagination throws
So rugged, growing rose
When my eyes do close
When my eyes do close
When they close....

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