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Is Anybody Listening?

Adam Lambert

They say i've got no right
To question life without hope
Or ask for anything more
Than to suffer and bleed at the end of a rope

They say i've got no right
To look them in the eye
That i belong in the dust at their feet
But one day for sure, i'm gonna die

Is anybody listenin'?
Does anybody hear?
Does anybody out there
See us drowning in our tears?
Is our future written
On a sky of cold stone?

God, if you're listenin', let us know
God if you're listenin', let us know

They teach us to believe
We're not strong like them
That we don't have the will
To crush these walls that hold us in

They try and make us think
That we'll never have a chance
Can i fight for my own freedom
With only these two hands?

Is anybody listenin'?
Does anybody hear?
Does anybody out there
See us struggling with our fear?
Is our future written
On a sky of cold stone?

If you're listenin', let us know
God, if you're listenin', let us know

You can tie a rock
To my soul
But you can't build a prison
For my mind, no
You can chain my body
To the earth
But still the spirit flies
My spirit flies

Does anybody out there
See us drowning in our fear?
Will our hopes die slowly
In the heat of the desert sun?

God if you hear us
Send us someone
God if you hear us
Send someone

Is anybody listenin?

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