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Love Is So Difficult


[ALL]Love is so difficult to me. Yeah!
[Minzy]Sarang i jong mal it gi nul han go ni
Ne ma mul da jo do
We hang sang to na ga nun ji
Da shi sarang hal su op sul got ga ta
Sarang cham o ryop ne yo
[CL]Mun duk do go shi po so
Mun duk gu ri wo jo so
Ha ru e do myot bon shik ga pa
Ne mong dun ga su mun on tong no ro ga duk cha
Nan a mu got do hal su ga op so wo

[ALL]Sarang cham o ryop da o ryop da no mu him dul da
[DARA]It nun gu de ro nal ba ra bo myon gwe chan hul ten de
[ALL]Sarang cham o ryop da o ryop da ma ni a pu da
[BOM]Ne mo dun gol da ju wo do bu jok han sarang cham o ryop da
[ALL]Love is so difficult to me. Yeah!

Composición: Lee Sung Chul · Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
Añadido por Juliane
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